Women Leading in Education

Women Leading in Education (Source DfE)

If you’re a leader in education and you want to help more women to become leaders, pledge to coach. Coaching has the potential to transform the leadership journey of women teachers. Coaching has the power to increase confidence, unlock potential and build resilience. It is flexible, bespoke and specific to need.

We know that as a leader you already make an enormous contribution to the education system, but this is a great opportunity to help more women progress into leadership roles. Pledge to coach is one of the measures announced by government to support women in teaching.

73.8% of all classroom teachers are female; only 62% of headteachers are female. This data comes from the School Workforce in England: November 2015 statistical first release. Our ambition is to have 1,000 pledges so that 1,000 women aspirant leaders are supported through coaching. We need you to volunteer your time, expertise and passion to make this happen.

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